Learning maths is about a deep understanding of concepts and their interconnectivity. It is like a code or skill or maybe a game of patterns. Having video capture of the tuition gives the opportunity to pupils to go over the tuition and revise the points and make that ever more deep learning happen.

The learning management system used at Essex Maths Tutors is the most dominant open source LMS available online and used by many universities including the University of Essex. This enables us to

1- Map expected learning points from GCSE or Alevel maths into a dedicated course for each student, relate the home practices to the learning plan and focus on areas that would benefit student the most.

2- We use the LMS to embed tuition videos that can be accessed at any time, even months after tuition for revision. Deep learning of maths, that is no forgetting in weeks and months' time, can be difficult. Having access to the tuition video provides that opportunity of revising the previous topics every so often that otherwise impossible.

3- Finally, we provide home practice plan after each tuition that goes to the LMS and a feedback is provided that can be accessed both by the pupil and the parents.


In the analogy of learning maths to games, possibly as many gamers know, the learning process is like a driving a car from a parked position. It takes some gears (steps) to get the car to a speed and it is harder in first gear the most. So hard that may result in pupils giving up high grades. But at the end of the day is about willingness and motivation and having the right tools. We thrive to provide both.


Ibrahim A.
17/2/2014, 11:36 pm
Mr Ahad helped me a lot to get a good maths foundations. Ahad has good teaching techniques....

Our Services

  • Private Tuition Video Capture

    A-level, GCSE, KS1-3 Maths Tuition Chelmsford | Essex Maths Tutors

    With Document Camera technology, all the private tuition session including audio and all the notes on the notebooks are captured by video. The uploaded video on the LMS portal can be accessed for revision anytime by the student in future.

  • Small Class Facilities

    A-level, GCSE, KS1-3 Maths Tuition Chelmsford | Essex Maths Tutors

    Small class tutoring takes place in our Chelmsford office. The office is equipped specifically for tutoring services and includes a modern smart board and projector for tutoring purposes.

  • Online Tutoring Technology

    A-level, GCSE, KS1-3 Maths Tuition Chelmsford | Essex Maths Tutors

    Using an interactive smart board screen and capability of instant file sharing and video conferencing makes the online tuition an effective and fully interactive tool without geographical limit.